Why is Tom Gallagher no longer a member of the Republican Party and why is he not a candidate for re-election?

The answer is quite simple. The Republican Party forced him not to run because they could not control him. He did not vote for their Earned Income Tax and he did not vote to increase the Tax Collectors Compensation. Tom Gallagher represented you the taxpayer and not the party so they pushed him aside. When he actually filed to run in the primary they came to his home and threated him in front of his wife. Some residents have asked the Republican candidate what happened to Tom when he visited them asking for their vote. He lied and told individuals that Tom's health was not good which totally is not true. That candidate is good at lying; he lied to Tom at least 2 times saying that he would not run against him because Tom had been nothing but fair with him.

You, the good citizens of Middletown Township, Bucks County, PA deserve to know this. We at Middletown First are not naive enough to believe that we can help Tom win a write-in campaign but each write-in vote will tell the Republican Party elite that they backed the wrong horse in this race and should have been behind the individual who could have won hands down, Tom Gallagher.

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